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GtG at Fields

I was fortunate to be invited to an SNA forum Get-to-Gether (GtG, go figure) at Field's house last night.

I had not previously had the pleasure of listening to Field's system comprising Raysonic CD player / transport, North Star DAC (I think),Supratek Sauvignon two-box pre-amp (same model as mine but finished in gorgeous piano black & chrome) and ADAM Gamma fully active speakers. A 5.1 surround sound video system (Marantz Pre & Power Processor, ADAM Center) with an Epson projector and turntable round of 'most' of the visible technology. Sorry if I missed anything! And it is all housed in a tastefully decorated, acoustically treated, dedicated listening room.

If all that wash't enough, Field has SUPERB taste in music with a serious collection of blues, jazz and 'cool' music (think male / female vocals, bass groove,, sax etc) in CD, vinyl and DVD/BD formats.

Fields Screen 2

Also in attendance were LuckyDog, Norpus and Spearmint. So the five of us settled in for a cleansing beverage and pizza and did a little catching up as I hadn't seen a couple of these guys in recent times. Then it was time to fire up the system.

And spectacular it was. Detailed and punchy as needed, soft and delicate when called for. I took a few of my favourite discs along and Shelby Lynne and Geoff Achison sounded as a good as I have ever heard them.

Unfortunately I had to call time on the evening just as the turntable and surround DVDs were firing up. I did catch one DVD, the 2010 Crossroads Blues Festival and the sound and vision of a Gary Clark Jnr track was stunning. I am sure the neighbours enjoyed it as well!

Fields Group

Thanks again for the invite and your generous hospitality Field. I had a ball!