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New music - CDs and Downloads

After a few months 'digesting' a large batch of new music I bought last year, I have started to freshen the music collection again.


After hearing some new music at the Kyron Audio event recently, I was slightly taken with the Indie band from the UK, 'Elbow' so I procured three albums, 'The Take Off and Landing of Everything', 'Seldom Seen Kids' and 'Live at Jodrell Bank'. I haven't had a chance to have a full listen.

OK, on first listen, I quite enjoyed 'The Take Off and Landing of Everything'. Worried early as it started a bit melancholy and one tempo, but progressed nicely and if it was a vinyl record, side 2 is really enjoyable. Better melodies, greater light and shade and much more 'listenable' All comments are related to the music, I haven't listened hard or thought about the lyrical content yet. I am happy with this purchase.

Cued up next is 'Seldom Seen Kids'. Report to come later.

Fair say none of Elbow is 'three chords and the truth' so it is a little outside my normal genre but that is exactly why I bought it. On balance, good stuff.

Secondly, I have been considering signing on for the Bowers & Wilkins 'Society of Sound' download service for a year or more. The deal is for around $70 per annum, you get two albums per month, usually one 'mainstream' and one classical release. Worth a try to discover some new music AND have an 'asset' at the end of every year to show for it. Sorry I am just not a renter or a streamer…. I know, I am old….