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Klapp AV - Kyron Audio Demonstration Evening

I was fortunate to be invited to a customer demonstration evening for the Kyron Audio Kronos system, complete with dual Mercury sub-woofers at Klapp AV in Windsor last week.

The event was very well organised with pre-listening canapes and beverages served upstairs allowing hosts and guests to mingle in a very pleasant atmosphere before we were ushered into Klapp's dedicated Kyron Audio Lounge for several hours of musical bliss.

The delightful Kyron Audio Lounge at Klapp AV - 2017

While it was a social and relaxed evening, Klapp & Kyron Audio arranged for a recorded music guru, Josh (sorry I missed his surname) to bring along a curated set of his prized personal (and expensive) vinyl recordings which were intermixed with TIDAL HiFi streaming digital selections. In addition, audience requests were not just tolerated but were actively encouraged.

Readers of this blog will know that I am an owner of a Kronos system, sans Mercurys. It is always a delight to hear the depth, breadth and extension that the Mercurys add to the already spectacular Kronos. On the night, vinyl probably won the sonic battle (thanks to Josh's fine taste and rare pressings) but all selections either analog or digital, without exception sounded superb. There were a couple of folks new to Kyron Audio in the audience and their stunned silence, usually followed by barely constrained expletives, indicated that they felt that they were experiencing the presence of world class music reproduction.

One aspect of the experience was telling for me. The music was played at 'robust' volume levels and after three solid hours with only a couple of short breaks for 'refreshments' my ears and brain felt comfortable without a hint of music or loudness fatigue.

Apart from the opportunity to hear stunning audio, the other benefit of these events is meeting new like-minded people, renewing old relationships and discovering interesting music. I jotted down the set list on my phone as the night went on and have now invested in a couple of new artists and albums and developed a renewed interest in the sonic benefits of TIDAL HiFi streaming.

Many thanks to Hamish Kirkpatrick from Klapp AV and Lee Gray, Co-Founder of Kyron Audio, for the fantastic evening.