The Audio Geek!


As I explore the complex world of computer-based hi-res audio, the limitations of USB become more obvious. Somewhat DAC and source (computer type / age dependent) but it is not always to get the expected resolution from your source files.

Enter products from companies like JKenny and Audiophilleo. I decided to buy an audiophileo2 low jitter USB S/PDIF transport / converter.

The audiophilleo2 package (Image source - audiophilleo Website)

Very easy to install, literally plug & play, it effectively mates with the software (in my case Fidelia), the computer (Apple MacBook Pro) and DAC (Cambridge DacMagic) to ensure each track's native bit / sample rate is transferred to your amp then either speakers or in my case, headphones.

The manufacturer / designer who takes a personal interest in his customer's installations, recommends some 200 hours burn-in before the device hits full stride. So I will follow his instructions and delay my thoughts until around that rolls around.

Early listening impressions are promising, with the digital sound presented in a very natural and smooth fashion, making my Grado GS-1000 sound very mellow indeed. Stay tuned!