The Audio Geek!

Hi Res Audio Test

I am just starting to dabble in computer-based high resolution audio. The setup I tried used my MacBook Pro with iTunes, via USB to Cambridge Audio DacMagic, then single-ended RCA into the Yamamoto headphone amplifier. I have downloaded demo copies of Amarra Mini, Pure Music and the free AyreWave players to add functionality to the native iTunes playback.

Playing Apple Lossless tracks, my initial thoughts are positive, however I need the next version of Pure Music to test my hi-res Beatles tracks from my 'green Apple' USB stick. AyreWave plays FLAC files seamlessly and well in my system in isolation. Next step is how the 44/24 FLAC tracks compare to the Apple Lossless versions. Looking forward to opening my eyes and ears for that challenge!

On price it is easy to compare the three. AyreWave is free, Amarra (full version) is $A695 and Pure Music is about $A150. However, there is MUCH, MUCH heavy lifting to do to figure out the sonic strengths and weaknesses of each of these exciting technologies. Stay tuned.