The Audio Geek!

The Kronos are on their way!

After a suitable period of 'mourning', and a detailed evaluation of alternatives and our existing options, we have decided to proceed with the purchase of the Kyron Audio Kronos System, as evaluated in-house a couple of months ago.

Kyron Audio Kronos Control Unit - 2014

Now our order has been signed and deposit paid, we are 'in the queue' with some other lucky purchasers for delivery early in 2015.

Somehow we need to survive until then. One way to pass the time might be to buy some new music. From my experience with the Kronos, they seem to make most music sound better, and on some selections, spectacularly so. Therefore one can make new purchases with a degree of confidence that they will sound as good as possible via the Kronos.

2Y9A3135 - Version 3
Red wine, Fidelia remote and Kronos. Sheer joy! Roll on 2015!

Robin and I are looking forward to exciting musical times ahead!