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Antipodes Audio DX Reference Music Server

The Antipodes Audio DX Reference Music Server has now arrived. Purchased from the Australian distributor, Pure Music Group (now Sonic Purity), Warwick and Rom delivered the DX and helped me get the configuration set up just right. The only difficult piece for my installation is the requirement for ethernet connectivity. My router is some forty feet away behind double brick walls and around doors. So some tailoring of a wireless repeater with an ethernet port was deployed and now all is well.

The DX in place - 2017

My configuration is obviously black finish, with 2 TB of solid state disc (SSD) and all new DXs come with USB, S/PDIF and AES/EBU digital outputs as well as a USB port for connecting NAS storage or for backups of your precious digital music library. I am still loading music and the unit is settling in well. A review and listening impressions to come shortly.