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Tivoli Hi-Fi - SNA Get Together

The Australian hi-fi forum, StereoNet Australia (SNA) and leading Melbourne audio retailer Tivoli Hi-Fi, held a joint musical evening at the Tivoli premises in inner Melbourne last week.

The evening was intended to bring SNA members to experience the range of products Tivoli offers in a congenial atmosphere. Fine finger food, excellent Grant Burge wines and live jazz was just the entree.

The many custom-designed listening rooms at Tivoli were setup with B&W / Electrocompanniet, Wilson Audio / Audio Research, PS Audio / Martin Logan, Primare / Vienna Acoustics, an outrageous home theatre room and a full complement of Loewe screens and electronics. All the rooms sounded great, but the Electro / B&W sounded very smooth and the Primare / Vienna gear sounded too good for it's price point.



IMG_1868 (1)IMG_1864


A special highlight was a fancy set of home theatre recliners. Nothing new there I hear you say. These are SERIOUS recliners, with electric controls for the footrest and head / backrest and an in inbuilt refrigerator to keep your drinks cold in the cup holders in the arms. A fold out laptop / food table is located in the arm as well as storage bins for remotes, magazines and stuff. Simply awesomely decadent!

And a big thanks to the AudioActive team (distributors of Vienna Acoustics, Primare, IsoTek and others) for gifting a copy of the IsoTek Ultimate System Set-Up Disc (by Opus3) to all the attendees on the night. Very generous indeed. I am sure it will help get my system really singing!


Thanks to SNA and Tivoli for being proactive and enabling us to get that bit closer to the high-end. A great night was had by all.