aka 'Canon Corner'

Frankston Photographic Club Outing

Yesterday the Frankston Photographic Club had it's weekly meeting 'outdoors' at Mothers Beach in Mornington to take advantage of the bay views, seascapes and surrounding cliffs. By my estimates some 40 members and guests turned out on a pleasant January evening.

Your humble correspondent in (futile) action - Photo by Julie Mason 2010

I duly turned up with the Canon 5D and plenty of kit that was too heavy to carry and seemed mostly superfluous. So I put it in the car. As the sun went down, I found I had the wrong lens on the camera, then my tripod seized after some conflict with sand and as I tried to find a 'shot' my recurring issues with composition popped up. Again. Just fabulous! Of course, everyone else was sitting, leaning, composing, clicking, talking, relaxing, enjoying and more.

A few of my 'least worst' shots are attached for information, not ridicule!

Hire Boat Beach Box

Dredge Outlet Pipe

Shallow Rock Pool

Albatross on Weed

The Shallows

I really promise to read more books, talk to more members and do a much better job at representing the FPC in the future!