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Canon 200mm f2.8 L - My 'new' lens

With the 70 - 200mm f4 L lens gone to a friend, my search for a replacement led me to the 2.8 IS version. As magnificent as that lens is, I, probably, am not. And it is really heavy limiting how many times I might drag it around and actually take it out. And given the price, that would lead to buyers remorse and guilt pretty quickly.

Tyson in reflective mood... - March 2011

So, thanks to the guys at the Peninsula Camera store who spent an hour or more with me over a couple of visits, discussing various Canon / third party options, tele zoom or prime etc, I finally lucked onto a used Canon 200mm f2.8 L lens they had in store. It is the original version, with a sliding lens hood, rather than the more modern screw-on style. Works just fine and makes access to the lens cap much easier.

Canon 70 - 20mm f2.8 L w/Canon 1D body - Photo by EOS Magazine Forum

Relatively light, with the aperture and focal length I needed for Robin's indoor riding events and a modest cash outlay made it a wise choice. Even if it is not strapped to the camera all day every day, I won't feel that I have over-capitalised on this piece of equipment.

_IMG1540 (1)
Japanese Windflowers (but you all knew that already...) - March 2011

After one evening's shooting, I don't have much that is too exciting to share yet (a couple of samples above), but I am very happy so far and for the future.

Melbourne early autumn Skyline - April 2011