aka 'Canon Corner'

FPC at the Peninsula Blues Club

There are a number of benefits of being a member of a camera club and the Frankston Photographic Club is my association of choice.

In addition to weekly club nights, competitions and general Q&A support, the club organises events that the average person would struggle to access. For example, we have had studio nights where strobe lighting, off camera flash units and professional models give members as taste of what it would be like to work in a professional studio.

And this year the club has been invited to attend a couple of music events and help out some aspiring artists and new venues to get some exposure through photography for social media, website content etc.

This week it was an invitation to the monthly blues night held by the Peninsula Blues Club at the Frankston Lawn Bowls Club facility. I did participate in the 'Harba' shoot in Mornington earlier in the year and managed a few 'acceptable' captures and I was looking forward to having another crack. Oh dear... It seems the more I learn and the harder I try, the more confused I get and the more mistakes I make! This night I couldn't tell my f-stops from a bus stop. Confused aperture & shutter speeds, bad angles, shoddy use of flash and poor focusing were only the start of my errors...

The photos were, are and will always be bad. But the music was great. The house band (aka King Catfish) did the early blues proud (as always), and Alex Burns was most interesting and entertaining in a varied acoustic music set. I will go back another night and just listen. It is more stress-free! Thanks to the blues club and the photographic club for the opportunity to attend, learn and enjoy. Be brave and review my pictures here...