aka 'Canon Corner'

The Wedding Photographer!

Well, who would have thought it. Your humble correspondent was asked to take some photos at a friend's sons wedding recently. Fair to say, it added new depth to the word 'trepidation'. To compound my fear, I wasn't actually feeling that great, the weather was intermittently humid & raining …

Mardi & Doug - 2012

I had a planning session with my 'customer' to get a feel for the outside event layout and landscape and for the type of shots she wanted. The happy day duly came around and loaded with lenses (4), cameras (3), spare batteries, memory cards and a tripod I arrived on site. The car park was 800 metres away from the ceremony location and I needed to make a decision regarding what gear to take to the specific location, what I could keep dry in the (likely) event of rain and of course what I need to get the shots.


The outdoor ceremony was informal and communal with lots of stories told about, and advice given to, the newlyweds throughout. The bridal party and guests coped admirably with the weather I must say.

I think my pictures were well received and I even managed to keep out of the way of the 'official' photographers.


Thanks for the vote of confidence and opportunity Julie, but I needed some serious medication and a long lie down to recover!

Brett, Mardi, Julie & Chris - 2012