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VACS 2010

On the fence - Tatura 2010

Robin was competing at the Victorian Appaloosa Championship Show at the Tatura Showgrounds in Northern Victoria this week and I thought it would be another opportunity to crank up the Canon.

The event was mostly held on an indoor arena with the crowd kept a little back from the arena sides making close-up and detailed shots a little more difficult.

I suspect that I still don't have the right lens for these indoor environments. My f4 24-105 lens being a bit on the slow side and not quite powerful enough to capture shots on the other side of the 30 metre plus wide arena. The 700-200 f2.8 'L' IS lens from Canon would do the job just fine, sadly at a price point somewhat north of $2,000. I spoke to the professional photographer covering the event, and while she was using a Nikon (!), she was using an f2.8 70-200 Nikkor lens but said she wanted the f1.4 version. Her photos must be expensive or else they soon will be!

I am not just a shoddy still photographer, I take really bad video as well. I shot both of Robin's dressage tests with the Sony Handycam, but unfortunately I suspect I didn't do such a great job in the second test as an insect got down the back of my shirt and I don't think the the Sony Image Stabilisation is going to help enough!

As for results, Robin and 'Scooter' had an equal first in the Novice Horse Dressage, a third i the Preliminary Dressage, a second in Showmanship and a number of lesser placings in other events. A great haul of results for their first time out at a State show.

A smile for the camera - Tatura 2010