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Creative Flash Workshop

My good friend Rod recommended I attend a Creative Flash Workshop run by Glyn Lavender, a photographic professional that Rod had met before. Agreeing that my skills needed improving across a range of techniques, I committed to attend. Then thought nothing more about it.

The day duly arrived and after some navigational issues to find the studio in inner suburban Footscray, I settled in hoping for a useful day. Fair to say that my expectations were blown away.

Model Natalie Hill - 2016

Our teacher, Glyn, is a creative portrait photographer running corporate shoots around the world including travel tours plus local Australian workshops. He is clearly knowledgeable but able to be simple, clear and consistent with his instructions to his students. Personally, I had purchased a number of books to assist me with Canon flash usage and techniques. Well, no. they were border line useless. They told me WHAT to do, but gave me no clue re WHY or WHEN. That is where Glyn's instruction was so pivotal. I won't give away his secrets here but if you find flash exposure challenging (that's probably 99% + of photographers) then I suggest you look him up.

A couple of hours of theory (which sounds dry but truly flew by) was followed by a light lunch then practical application of methods learned with the assistance of a professional model.

Our model, Natalie Hill was hard working, patient and good humoured which helped the students relax and just take photos and apply the instruction. Thank you Nat!

Monochrome w/model Natalie Hill - 2016

The proof of the pudding is how much of the deployed knowledge 'sticks' with the student, but the teaching methods and re-enforcement through practical application gives me some confidence that the results will be somewhat repeatable when I leave Glyn's environment.

Thanks to the fellow students, Nat and Glyn for a great day!