aka 'Canon Corner'

The PCV Photographer...

After a little recent surgery, I was unable to drive but 'volunteered' to take a few happy snaps of the Porsche Club of Victoria track day at Calder Raceway in September.

My plan for the day was only to take pictures for my own 'personal' interest and practice, and share perhaps a few if appropriate. I was a bit daunted when advised during the day that our regular photographer was unavailable and that I would be 'the photographer of record' for the event! No pressure then.... I perched at Turn One and got a few nice shots of some excellent cars and drivers coming through, almost always pointing in the right direction!


I actually enjoyed being an official for the day, signing my life away for a yellow vest and the freedom to wander around any part of track, inside the ropes as it were. Interestingly, the pictures turned out pretty well considering I had the camera on the wrong settings! Aperture Priority instead of Shutter Priority for the moving subjects... I guess the pressure got to me, but the 1D saved my bacon. I really do like this camera. A lot.


More pictures can be found at my Picasa gallery here.