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The amplifiers glow!

Took the 5D into the lounge room the other night, whipped out the tripod, and tried a few long exposure shots on the tubes of the Yamamoto headphone amp and the Supratek pre-amplifier.


The results were just OK. More practice required but at least they are a starting point. I found focusing difficult, so might try manual focus next time as the AF struggled with the black background and the contrasting glow. Can't even remember if I used a remote shutter release or not. Speaking of focus...


iPhone 5 Panorama

I know, I know, other phone manufacturers have had a Panorama features on their phones for a while. Who cares! Got my iPhone 5 and have started playing with the panorama feature. I like it. More practice required but it works as advertised and is really easy.



Eye-Fi 8GB Wireless SD Card

Just picked up one of these fancy new wi-fi enables SD cards. I have to say that the system/infrastructure/technology in this thing is just ridiculous.

I thought it would be plug and play and zap photos from your camera to a PC/iOS device. Definitely not P&P, not because it is badly designed but due the the almost overwhelming array of options, features and configuration possibilities. Also I am still getting my head around when to configure the 'card', when to configure Eye-Hi server and when to change options on the receiving device (PC or iOS). Again, not Eye-Fi's fault just to say that this is a very 'complete' solution.

Canon 5D + Eye-Fi

The 8GB Pro X2 geotagging version was my card of choice as it is capable of transferring RAW as well as JPEG files. I have it now up and running to my PC and about to start my iPad & iPhone 'Direct Mode' implementation. The card is recognised by the Canon 5D Mark III and even adds an Eye-Fi menu item to the Tools section on the Canon's Menu system. Pretty cool.

More soon.

PCV Sandown 'Vintage' Poster

I am enjoying taking more photos, but also having fun being 'creative' with the raw materials. It is one of the joys of the Mac environment that there are so many wonderful tools available to 'play' with your photos. One of my favourite editing programs is Snapseed by Nik Software and Posterino by Zykloid Software.

PCV Stuff

This is a poster made from snaps of a 2012 Porsche Club of Victoria track day at Sandown Raceway. A few filters, add some blur, some sepia, the odd crop and 'voila!'.

Canon 5D Mark III

I really, really wanted a new Canon 5D Mark III. Of course I didn't really need one, but that's the way these things go. The good news is that my 1D Mark III has a decent used value, plus I was able to secure the new body at a very competitive price so the change-over wouldn't be too dramatic.

Canon 5D 1
Canon 5D 1 (1)
Canon 5D 2
Benalla showgrounds and bridge - 2012

I have only been out & about a couple of times so far but the camera feels great in the hand and of course works perfectly with my existing range of Canon lenses.

To ensure that I get the most out of the camera, I have purchased two e-books from Amazon to read on the iPad. They are both well reviewed and I really hope that they will help get my usage of the 5D to the next level. Plus increase my enjoyment as well.

Canon_5D_MkIII_Experience-cover-400. canon-5d-mark-iii-from-snapshots-to-great-shots-cover-image-350-pixels

The new menu system, and quick buttons on the rear make finding frequently used functions quickly accessible.

Canon 5D
Canon 5D (2)
The National Golf Club - 2012

I am loving the camera so far!

The Wedding Photographer, Rises!

The youngest of the Mason clan, Emily, was married in Melbourne recently and Julie again bravely entrusted me to get some pictures of the happy event and get them 'published' before the professional got around to it. This process is of course helped by the newlyweds having a honeymoon and being in no position to preview the official pictures!

PCV Sandown Vintage (2)

The venue was St Michaels Church in the city. Traditional from the outside, and even more spectacular inside with outstanding acoustics. Emily and Michael looked superb, the entire wedding party were most photogenic making my job a little easier.

PCV Sandown Vintage

PCV Winton & DECA

I wasn't driving at Winton this year so I took the camera up instead. Cloudy, cool conditions greeted the drivers and photographers making things difficult for both.

Unfortunately it took me too long to adapt to the conditions and I missed a number of shots by having the wrong lens, with the wrong settings at the wrong time. File one for education…


Saturday was the track event at Winton Raceway no major incidents and a good day was had by most…


Sunday was a motorkhana style event at the DECA driver training facility just out of Shepparton. The drivers really enjoyed the skid pan sessions if tyre smoke was a gauge of satisfaction!


By the end of the weekend I was very jealous of the drivers having so much fun and I am really looking forward to getting on track again soon.

A glif!

From time to time, it would be nice to stabilise the iPhone and asking around re suitable tripod mounts etc, I was told to get a glif...


And here is my implementation with a GorillaPod and a headphone set whose in-line volume control acts as a remote shutter release.


See the glif advertising video below.

Too cool for school! What a life-changing device…

Canon 24-70mm f2.8L

After much consideration and planning, I have completed a complicated buyback, trade-in and purchase to re-align my lens collection.


The 70-200 f4L has come 'home', the 200 f2.8L prime has now been traded on a 24-70 f2.8L that I can now use as a walk around lens on the 1D. My initial test shoot was extremely positive with the lens, while weighty' feels really well balanced on the 1D.

Suzy posing - 2012

I am really looking forward to getting out and about and I am sure that I will enjoy using this lens for many years to come.

Trying to photograph the dam...

I taking some pictures of the dam tonight when I was attacked by a ferocious animal looking for food… A snapshot of the offending creature is shown below and, if seen, I suggest you approach with caution… Or with apples and carrots…

Reflections-pola.Lily @ Dam-pola.L1000596-pola

It was a nice autumn late afternoon yesterday so I thought I would wander down to the dam to take a couple of pictures. Nothing special came out of the adventure, but it was an enjoyable hour or so just the same.

Lily @ Dam
Young Lily, helping… - 2012

The Dam



The Dam, April 2012

The Wedding Photographer!

Well, who would have thought it. Your humble correspondent was asked to take some photos at a friend's sons wedding recently. Fair to say, it added new depth to the word 'trepidation'. To compound my fear, I wasn't actually feeling that great, the weather was intermittently humid & raining …

Mardi & Doug - 2012

I had a planning session with my 'customer' to get a feel for the outside event layout and landscape and for the type of shots she wanted. The happy day duly came around and loaded with lenses (4), cameras (3), spare batteries, memory cards and a tripod I arrived on site. The car park was 800 metres away from the ceremony location and I needed to make a decision regarding what gear to take to the specific location, what I could keep dry in the (likely) event of rain and of course what I need to get the shots.


The outdoor ceremony was informal and communal with lots of stories told about, and advice given to, the newlyweds throughout. The bridal party and guests coped admirably with the weather I must say.

I think my pictures were well received and I even managed to keep out of the way of the 'official' photographers.


Thanks for the vote of confidence and opportunity Julie, but I needed some serious medication and a long lie down to recover!

Brett, Mardi, Julie & Chris - 2012