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5D or 5D Mk111???

A quick happy snap of our Canon 5D's. Robin 'inherited' the original, and I am loving the Mk 111! iPhones be damned...

The One or the Third?

iPhone Latest Snaps

I haven't had the 'big' camera out for quite some time. Not sure that I have been to any exciting locations and I have been missing some inspiration. But of course I usually have the phone with me. Such was the case for a luncheon event at the MCG last week.

The Members Entrance of the MCG

I arrived a little early so had the chance to wander among the statues in park and take in the splendour of the 'G' on a gorgeous early autumn day.


As a big Essendon fan, I was delighted to see a statue of the famous John Coleman. Not the greatest picture but will have to do until I go back again in better light.

Bomber great #10 - John Coleman