aka 'Canon Corner'

I have been out and about

Over the last few months, I have been reasonably busy as the 'photographer in residence' for my wife's quarter horse riding club and some portrait work for a friend's book cover.

As for the riding club, the pictures have been nothing special, frankly a bunch of happy snaps of enthusiastic amateur riders learning and rehearsing their skills. Three or four of these outings have at least sharpened my camera settings, holding and focusing skills, even if the output is somewhat modest. Although I must say the riders have been grateful that at least someone is photographing them and they have a record of sorts of the day(s).

A man and his horse - 2017

My friend wanted a quick portrait for inclusion on the cover sleeve of his upcoming business book. Requested with some notice, I had a chance to 'practice' first with a football in a large trophy (!), then moved on to a couple of self portraits using the shutter release. I was actually somewhat pleased that I had remembered much ( but not all) of what I learned in Creative Flash Workshop course and was able to broadly apply it.

60340194_Cover Proof.6917404
The Cover - 2017

Do yourself a favour and run, don't walk, to your eDevice and pick up a copy of this book in Kindle format from Amazon here. Your life will benefit from the read.

The finished product - 2017
Who is a pretty boy then? - 2017

An important photographic opportunity is always a good time to justify new gear so I purchased an Orbis Ring Flash adapter. After some practice, I used it quite confidently and it does to the shadowless portrait thing admirably. We decided that this more 'staid' look was appropriate for the book rather than the dramatic 'shaded' off-camera flash style that I have concentrated on previously.

Orbis Ring Flask Adapter (source - Orbis)

I hope to have some better photos to share soon, but at least I am getting out and shooting again, and that can only help me become a better photographer. Still need to improve my compositions skills however.

The years haven't been kind - 2017