aka 'Canon Corner'

Adobe, all in

A few years ago, I did report that with Apple dropping support of Aperture, I was adopting Adobe Lightroom as my image editing product of choice. Fair to say that following that decision I was pretty timid in my adoption and only slowly gathered some knowledge that enabled me to use maybe 50% of the product's capabilities.

If I appeared unwilling to adapt and move on, certainly Adobe wasn't! My 'old' Lightroom version was replaced by something called Lightroom CC Classic and a brand new 'web enabled' product called Lightroom CC was 'born'. Don't blame me if this sounds confusing.

All this functionality (and more) was available to me IF I adopted the Adobe Photography subscription model. If you have ever followed my snail-like attitude to ANY subscription service you would understand my reticence. However the 'opportunity' coincided with some dissatisfaction with other paid cloud services that I wasn't even using. So I could cancel those and sign up for Adobe and get something I could actually use. Done!

My internet speeds still restrict how much and how fast I can get 'legacy' images to the Adobe Cloud but overall I am a happy camper so far. That means that I can learn and grow with the technology but other than that, forget about it, and spend most of my time getting out and taking pictures.

That is a real positive!