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Studio Portrait Workshop

I attended a Studio Portrait Workshop yesterday, organised by the Frankston Photographic Club. The event was held at the professional studio of club member Greg Desiatov in Dandenong South. The studio has three main configurable spaces for use. Greg had arranged for 12 attendees (in two groups of six), with two models, multiple costume changes and a supporting stylist. Plenty of action was in store for the next four hours. Some 610 shots later…

Studio white space - 2015

The problem with having professional models is that they expect a professional photographer. They expect you to know what you are doing technically, have a sense artistically and the confidence to translate that into direction to the model in terms of pose, light and animation.

Then there was me. I stammered when I introduced myself and probably mumbled something about 'your best looks' left and right to start and we'll see…'. Cue embarrassment. Then, when I made a rookie settings error that turned fifteen pictures totally BLACK, my confidence fell even further.

Stepping back and letting others have a turn, I re-grouped sorted the camera and had some better sessions after that. The quality of the setups and lighting (power and direction) made the photos almost too easy to take. Pixel peeping on the screen on the back of my camera I was initially worried about the general sharpness of my hand-held pics. But once at home, I needn't have worried. I got enough 'decent' shots to make me really happy and thanks to Greg & Craig my knowledge of light and the studio process has gone up immensely.

'Parasol' w/Kathleen - 2015

Some of the better shots from the day can be found on my Flickr Gallery here. Thanks to the models Kathleen and Rebecca for their hard work and patience, stylist Michelle and Greg and Craig for putting on such an enjoyable and educational afternoon.

Pasted Graphic 1
Little ol' me? w/Rebecca - 2015