aka 'Canon Corner'

Mornington Snaps

I decided it was time that I took the Canon 5D d-SLR out for a run. The chosen morning didn't offer the very best of light, but into the breach we go.. My destination was the Mornington Rose Garden and Mornington Beach & Schnapper Point.

Schnapper Point - 2009

I was a bit disappointed in the Rose Garden as I couldn't seem to get an 'interesting' shot. All I could 'see' was a mass of albeit healthy and pretty rose bushes or the 'cheap shot' flower photo. Almost certainly speaks to my composition limitations I'm afraid.

Mornington Rose Garden - 2009

A bit more success at the beach, a couple of interesting 'DoF' efforts and a nice rich picture of the bathing boxes, as displayed on the Home Page of this site.

The Lonely Sailor, Mornington - 2009

Finally, the subject below caught my eye and makes for an interesting image, IMHO. There is big old Palm Tree of some indeterminate type (banana, date?) which I quite like at the end of Main Street, but I couldn't get the angles right to get a decent 'feel' for the tree, so got close to the patterned truck instead. I like it!

Palm Tree Trunk, Mornington - 2009

I must get out more often to improve my chances of better light, and to get more practice on composition.