aka 'Canon Corner'

Welcome back to earth

I have been pretty happy with my photographic progress of late, taking some nice shots and getting more comfortable with my camera.

Two events recently have brought reality back with a thud.

The first was a 'commission' to take some indoor photographs of a business property to identify the condition of the premises for future reference. Just wander around taking photos of various rooms, how hard can it be? With the current owners (and others) looking over my shoulder every step of the way, dark-ish indoor shots of smallish rooms with a regular lens, only the second time my Speedlite flash has been on the camera, the pressure of having to get it right (rather than snaps for fun) and deliver output to someone who was expecting quality results made the whole experience daunting and somewhat uncomfortable. But it gave me clear insights on the pressures that the 'pros' work under day-to-day and a timely reminder of how much I have to learn. I hasten to add that it was a family job, and no money actually changed hands!

The second event was a family friends birthday lunch at a beautiful restaurant and gardens on the outskirts of Melbourne. I knew of the garden so I thought I would take the camera and get some good outdoor shots of the birthday girl. The weather was gorgeous at lunch time with (very) bright sunshine showing off the garden to great effect. So I enticed her into the garden, but she turned out to be a nervous and unwilling subject which forced me to take a few quick photos in various locations with the sun behind me. Oh dear. The results were a handful of over exposed, overly bright, camera-shake out-of-focus shots taken at wrong distances with busy and 'dumb' composition errors (a distant water tank appeared on top of the subject's head in two different shots!). A total disaster. But my friend will be happy as she didn't want any pictures to see the light of day anyway!

While I think I know some of my many errors on these outings, I need to use my network of resources to help me understand all of what went wrong and take appropriate steps to improve my chances of success in the future.