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The Car is ON!

The moment of truth came this morning. After a fair few days of stalling (it is too hot, too cold, I am too tired etc) I really had to try to get the car on the trailer. Would it get up the ramps, would it fit, could I get out once the car was on the trailer? The last time we tried to load the GT3 on a (rented) trailer it ended metaphorically and literally in tears. I was nervous, to say the least about the prospects. More questions and concerns than answers.

After some chocking & blocking of the ramps to get the approach angle correct, and a couple of gentle runs partly up the ramps to check alignment, I eventually gave it enough to get the car on. It fits! But I can't get out!! No biggie, as the trailer has easily removable mud guards and once taken off, the doors open fully and the driver can simply alight. Awesome.

The next step is to take the car and trailer to an experienced aluminium fabrication shop to get a front wheel stop bar installed and the tie down points re-jigged to suit the car and its relative position on the trailer. We bought industrial-strength tie down straps, brackets and ratchets recently from a very experienced guy at Load Restraint Systems in Dandenong. So with a following breeze we are only a week or so away from having a fully road legal, functional GT3 carrying conveyance!

Once the setup is operational, in future I would like to add an electric winch to make handling of the loading process easier and assist in loading the car, if for some reason, we couldn't do it under its own steam. Then maybe a nose cone (with wheel racks) to protect the front of the car (and possibly aid fuel economy), some lockable storage for tools and a jerry can holder or two.

But fair to say, I am now really happy. The matching silver GT3 / Featherlite aluminium trailer combo behind the Land Bruiser looks fantastic!