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PCV Broadford Hillclimb

Last Monday on the Labour Day long weekend, PCV held it's second competition event for the year, a hillclimb at the State Motorcycle Complex at Broadford.

I had not been to this circuit before so I had no idea what to expect. A great complex, with many different circuits, short and longer, dirt and tarmac, principally oriented towards motor bikes. The tarmac sprint track is deceptive to a duffer like me. Very fast in places (200+ kmh if you are quick, 170 for me), off camber in many of the corners. Very technical, is the jargon apparently.

The track goes 'across' the hill rather than 'up and down' which is where much of the camber change comes from. The surface is fabulous, billiard table smooth. A standing start was used with the finish to be within a defined cone 'garage' with a 5 second penalty for hitting any of the garage cones. More of that later...

So, fifty-ish PCV drivers turned up on a sensational March day to compete against the clock, one entrant at a time. Two slightly different layouts were used, one a little shorter in the morning, and the other longer in the afternoon. We had one untimed sighting lap at the start of the day, then three timed laps in the morning and three more after lunch.

In the first session I was feeling my way, enjoying the faster sections, but being 'timid' in the slower corners. More work to do. So in the second run, I had a 'crack' and lost control in the last two corners wlldly correcting after severe ABS-stammering and I knocked the cone at the end of the garage. Not happy Jan...

Greg @ Broadford
At 'speed' @ Broadford - Photo by Andrew Hutchison 2011

In the afternoon, I again started slowly (not aggressive enough) and was being indecisive. I tend to just cruise (neither on the power or on the brakes), and simply spectating almost. Aarghh... Vowing to have a 'go' in my final run, I was a couple of seconds faster than previously. Still way too slow, but happier... I need to learn circuits faster and be more aggressive sooner rather than waiting for the final run of the day to 'try'.

Did I mention the catering? Often the provisions are primitive at competition events. Not this time! Barista coffee all day, home-made cakes and scones, juice & water in the morning and a two course SIT DOWN catered lunch. How long has this sort of hospitality been going on? Congratulations to all involved in this effort. Awesome.

As always, a big thank you to the Competition Committee and the Marshalling team for their efforts in organising the day and keeping us all safe. It is a huge and often under-appreciated commitment. Great work. Thank you all!

Robin @ Broadford
Robin in charge - Photo by Andrew Hutchison 2011

Some video to follow soon.