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PCV Calder Sprint

It was with some trepidation that I ventured out to Calder for this event. The last time I competed here was an evening event, I was in the Boxster 'S' and seriously thought I should change interests to marbles or hop scotch or something. I was AWFUL. A mobile chicane, folks passing me out of corners at 2x my pace. I sat out the last two sessions to do everyone else a favour.

Early signs weren't promising. The weather was cold & windy with ever threatening rain. Also Calder Park is a little run down these days, with only minimal investment in the track and facilities. At least it is close to the city and available, let's be positive!

Unfortunately, I gridded up on the front row of my group, got flagged away first and proceeded to head down to Turn One with some speed and enthusiasm. Sadly, my memory of the distance between Turns 1 and 2, and 2 & 3 were a bit different to reality and I have to brake and shuffle and bumble my way around. Worse was to come! No real dramas up the back straight through the kink and the start of the esses, but I got confused(!) about where the final turn was to lead back onto the main straight. There was a 'track', there was a 'road' and there was 'another road' all within thirty metres. Arghhh. When in doubt, take the middle one. And it worked. Phew!! And this is the supposed warm up lap! Lucky I wasn't wearing a heart rate monitor! I am pleased to say that it got a bit better as the day went on. Another excellently organised event with at least three sessions before lunch, a couple after before the rain / cold finally set in. I did manage a Personal Best at that track, not hard given my previous trials and tribulations in a different (& slower car).

The GT3 ran superbly all day after the recent changes / upgrades, and the new Dorian timing box was really easy to fit and recorded faultlessly.

I managed to get into the 1.07s before the late afternoon drizzle arrived, which I was pleased with. As always, I felt I left a second or so out there so I look forward to coming back to Calder again soon. Who would have thought that I would ever say that!

My GT3 & Tim Stevenson's MX5 in the grunge at Calder - (Photo by Ryan Marsh)

Some friends turned up to support me on the day (thanks Tim & Ryan) and via Ryan's lens I have a fantastic selection of photos of the day. Thanks for the pictures above (Tim with your humble correspondent and our cars) and one of Ryan's very best of the GT3 and hack driver below. Many thanks Ryan, love your work!