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PCV GT3/RS/RSR Register Technical Evening

In late October, some 17 PCV members turned up at the Fitzgerald Racing Services premises in Box Hill to learn more about the tuning of high performance German cars in general, and Porsche GT3s in particular, from Peter Fitzgerald and his son, Christian.

The evening kicked off with some superb home made burgers courtesy of Carol Fitzgerald with beers and 'softies' and some lively conversation.

A brief tour of the premises followed, punctuated by 'war stories' of successful / 'interesting' upgrades to various vehicles on display.

Back outside the main workshop, Peter talked through a range of modifications to a customer 996-1 GT3 to achieve maximum performance and still remain within MM1 Class rules. Inside, attention turned to 'Peter's' 997-1 GT3 Open Class winning club car. Easier to say what hasn't been changed rather than list all of the modifications. A serious weapon in great hands.

A key part of the night was for guests to ask questions specific to their individual requirements and needs. Suffice to say, the attendees took full advantage of this and gained some extremely valuable and detailed information in the process.

GT3 owners rightly love their cars and are mostly satisfied with their performance, other than perhaps a 'tune' and an exhaust upgrade. The range of the possible even within those upgrades and many more enhancements was truly eye-watering with the sky (and your wallet) the only limit.

Thanks to Peter and his family for their time, opening up their business out of hours to support the Porsche Club of Victoria and educating the PCV members on the range of the possible when 'plenty is never enough'.