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PCV Phillip Island Sprint

The 2015 PCV competition season officially kicked off at the fabulous Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit on Sunday, February 1.

Now my car is back, I have had a couple of practice runs and am starting to feel a bit more confident and I was looking forward to maybe even challenging my PB time.

IMG_4888 (1)
Trailered-up and ready to go 2015

Although the drive down was sometimes through heavy rain, the circuit was dry to start off, and the day was not impacted by weather at all.

Trying to manage my tyre warm-ups and pressures a little differently after my most recent tyre failure, the first session saw me out with plenty of pressure and not a lot of grip as the car became more difficult to drive over the course of the session. I then fixed the pressures for the second session and my best time came down to a somewhat sensible level as a starting point. Sadly, over three more sessions for the day, I didn't improve, in fact I got progressively slower. Maybe the tyres have had it. Maybe the driver has also!

So the positive was I got five full sessions of driving, and the car went back on the trailer under it's own steam and in one piece. I just need some more pace, and that will involve some driver training. Bring it on!

Waiting on the grid - Photo by Robin Humphries 2015