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PFA Meet - Brighton Beach

The Porsche Forum Australia is an online community of like minded Porsche folk. Occasionally we hold get togethers in the car park at Brighton to chat about life in general and Porsches in particular.


This was the second such event I have attended and it was informal, unstructured and just plain enjoyable. A very eclectic selection of cars were in attendance, about a dozen by my count and mostly black (or darkish in colour anyway). Two 964 RS (one touring and one clubsport), a 911 Speedster, a very tricked up 987 Boxster S, a humble 993 Turbo (ahem) and an attractive 2.7 RS clone to name a few. Apologies to those I have left out.


Thanks to Kerry for organising. I had a great couple of hours and enjoyed meeting several PFA members for the first time.