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PCV GT3 Register Run to Trofeo Estate

The first Porsche Club of Victoria GT3/RS/RSR Register event I had planned for this year was a breakfast run to the Whispering Vines Cafe at Trofeo Estate Winery in Dromana on Sunday May 31. With the support of Chris Mason and Robin Humphries we chose the venue, planned the route and developed the maps and detailed run notes. So all good so far until the weekend weather forecast came out. Oh dear… On the Thursday prior a member rang me from Albury and was worried that the weather would be too bad to make the trip down worthwhile. I gave whatever meek assurances I could that the planned roads had never flooded to my knowledge and it will be a great day with the fellowship of Porsche drivers and that we would enjoy a fabulous breakfast at the end. A rumour was also circulating that there was an email hook-up between three GT3 owner / drivers a day or so before to lay out contingency vehicle selection plans for the Sunday should the weather be as feared. And without any further correspondence, all implemented their Plan B! How weak were we, sorry, I meant they….

Sunday dawned clear, windy but very cold. Nineteen folks in ten cars duly met at Dandenong, (with one car meeting us at Hastings), all on time or early (thank you) so with minimal fuss and fanfare we were on our way on schedule at 8 AM. And congratulations to Colin and Vince for actually having the courage to attend in their splendid GT3s (and later to Sven for bringing his superb 993 RSCS).

The first part of the route was a highway touring stage to the Hastings Marina for a rest stop and photo op. We made great time due to the drivers utilising the great traction of the Porsche
marque and demolishing the exits of the eight or nine roundabouts on route while still staying inside the speed limits.

Group Shot
The obligatory group photo (it was cold!) - 2015

Then we were off to the cafe for breakfast driving through some interesting and undulating roads across the Mornington Peninsula. Due to the relatively early start, we were into the meat of the run by about 9.00 AM and we had an almost traffic free outing, able to maintain an enjoyable pace while taking in the lovely late autumn scenery and vistas that the Peninsula has to offer.

Some minor navigational challenges were encountered but all cars arrived at the venue within minutes of the appointed time. Due to a logistics failure at the interim stop, the rest rooms were a popular first point of call!

Our long table of twenty (and a half!) quickly raised the dB levels in the room once the coffee / teas / juices were served. They were followed by fruit, granola and yoghurt. All seemed to be going well when the toast, scrambled eggs, bacon, tomato and grilled mushroom platters arrived accompanied by some tasty baked beans. The conversation lulled a little while the group tucked in.

Ready for the food - Photo by Julie Mason

Common feedback from attendees on the day indicated that they enjoyed the breakfast / brunch format which avoided weekend traffic as much as feasible. This made the drives a little shorter than the typically longer lunch runs leaving more time in the day for other activities either in the touring area or back at home.

Porsche & Vines - Photo by Julie Mason

Many thanks to Linley & Helen,Vince & Phil, Ken & Barbara, Robin, Chris & Julie, Fred & Monika, Susette (with extra thanks for making the effort from Albury), Colin & Margot, Michael & Judy, Kane & Douglas and Sven (& Sven Jnr) for attending and contributing to a most enjoyable morning.

then the rain came!