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Photo Shoots Galore (edited from The Shutter Blog)

Photo buddies
In addition to joining the local camera club, I have also been fortunate to spend some time with James 'Jimmy' Cunningham, a professional photographer, and with Julie Mason and Rod Prior, a couple of keen & talented 'amateurs', who have all helped my technique, knowledge and confidence tremendously. Thanks for sharing!

Jimmy Cunningham

Julie Mason and Rod Prior

GT3 Club Lunch
At a recent car club lunch, Linley arranged Jimmy of James Cunningham Photography to come over and do a 'professional shoot' with our cars. Wow. Some seriously great shots were taken by Jimmy. Plenty of gear + Plenty of talent = Excellence!

GT3's (Photo by Jimmy Cunningham 2009)

One from Me

Greg, Linley & Chris / Boys & Their Toys (Photo by Julie Mason 2009)

One more from me : A little pixel manipulation

Car club drive to Helena's at Parnassus
The Porsche Club went on a drive to a winery restaurant for lunch a couple of hours out of town recently.

Linley, Greg, Chris & Maurie at Helenas (Photo by Julie Mason 2009)

A historical line-up of Porsche heritage vehicles were gathered up for a photo op. The middle car, a 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS is about the most sought after car ever made by the famous marque. It was a thrill to see it and photograph it. And the owner was only too willing to show it off.

19?? VW Beetle,1973 Carrera RS 2.7, 2000 911 GT3