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PCV Winter Run - Maryborough Railway Station

The PCV seasonal tours are always quickly booked out so we got our entry in very early, even though I knew nothing about the destination. But the journey is most of the fun anyway.

So with the Turbo well cleaned we set off towards the meeting place at Bacchus Marsh. A fine collection of Porsches of all vintages awaited us. Pleasantries were exchanged, welcomes, words of driving wisdom and maps dispensed we then departed for our morning tea stop at the CFA in Maldon. As always the food provided by the ladies would make lunch redundant if we had not already booked. I can report that the sponge cake was outstanding!

On arrival at the station we were guided to park our vehicles on the platform with a couple I thought going precariously close to the edge for my liking.

The station itself is impressively large and stately, being built back in a period when the gold mining boom was fuelling population growth and investment in the area. Word was out that the car club was going to be in town on Sunday and a number of interested local car lovers were seen wandering around taking photos and chatting to members / owners. Cool. Lunch was fine home-style cooking of soup, roasts and dessert, leisurely served so that we could enjoy some of the local wines. Looks like our Social Director Michael (left) may have sampled just a little too heavily! What is he doing on that toy train engine???

The 'new' Turbo went well on the day. A light rattle from the glove box area needs to be attended to but otherwise, particularly in the more spirited run from Maldon to Maryborough, the car drove superbly.

A great day was had by all and in the late afternoon chill we set off for home after another enjoyable PCV outing.