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Maserati & Presidents Day Update

I have now been on track in the new beast! That is the good news. The bad news is that I seem to have forgotten how to drive…

It was my first track day with the Maserati Club and I must say it was pretty well run. Passenger laps in the morning and timed laps (via Dorian) in the afternoon. In summary, I started slowly, then tailed off! The car was fine, but my lines were rubbish and I was still feeling my way with the gearbox and new ratios. There was a lot of traffic on the circuit and I couldn't get enough free track to find some rhythm and pace so I retired gracefully early in the afternoon ready to fight another day.

Where did I go wrong? - Photo by Robin Humphries 2014

That day was 48 hours later when I fronted up for the annual PCV Presidents Day. I had a couple of passengers lined up and was looking forward to some fun. Some early rain made conditions somewhat treacherous so as usual I showed extreme courage and stayed in the garage until the track dried out. Leon was my first brave passenger and I fumbled around for a couple of laps then thought I would have a bit of a 'go'. Well, coming into the tight Dandenong Road left hander, one of my better corners I must say, something strange happened. Braking hard, the car seemed to stop braking and gently go straight ahead almost in slow motion towards the 'kitty litter'. And, for safety reasons, an off-track excursion on Presidents Day gets you automatically sent home… Somehow I just got the car turning left before all four wheels left the circuit…. Leon bravely took this incident very well indeed!

Probably should have let Leon's kids drive, they may have been quicker than me - 2014

By the end of the day I was driving much better but the car seemed a little down on power. I had been having intermittent battery / electrical issues since the rebuild as well. All this combined with a small oil leak meant that I took the car back to Fitzgerald Racing Services the following week and they ascertained that the failing electrics were forcing the ECU in the engine to cut power resulting in my lack of performance. Another dyno test showed the car was producing all that it should.

GT3 Dyno Pic

Roll on my next outing. I am feeling confident. Again!