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Mk1 GT3 Luncheon Club - Winter Meeting

After a VERY long break, the MK1 GT3 Luncheon Club finally convened a quorum for a delightful lunch at the Flinders Hotel on the tip of Westerport Bay. Following a healthy (ahem) lunch, we adjourned for an amateur photo shoot on the foreshore near the jetty.

A badly staged photo. Linley who owns the red 991.2 GT3 manual (but also owns a Mk1 but didn't drive it because he now has a better one!). Chris managed to stand next to my beloved 996.1 while his is actually on the RHS of the photo. Sorry if any of this is confusing.

Here is a much more understandable photo. Cars behind grass.

And one final gratuitous shot with sun, sea and NO people.