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PCV Sandown Six Hour Regularity

My first outing of the year was to participate in the Six Hour Regularity event at Sandown in late February.

First, it is worth understanding what a 'Regularity' event is. Basically, each driver nomintaes a time that they believe they can attain lap on lap thereby accruing points for being consistent. If you go slower than your nominated time, you don't get a point, if you meet your time you are allocated a point and if you go faster, you lose a point. Ouch. In the six hour event, our team 'Jive Torque' (don't ask) had four drivers therefore 90 minutes each which we decided to split over three thirty minute sessions. With me so far?

Greg & Paul
Chatting with James (l) & Team Manager Paul (r) - Photo by Julie Mason 2011

The team this year was Chris & son Brett sharing their GT3 and Dennis in his trusty 928. It was probably fair to say that we were slightly under-prepared. Chris got his car back from the repair shop a few days before the event, and it had it's final shake-down run two days before, our strategic team arrangement / planning meeting was over two glasses of Pinot Grigio at the Prince Patrick Hotel the day before! But we are professionals. Meaning, we pay!

The Rain-meister
Yep it was wet ! - Photo by Julie Mason 2011

So we turned up on Sunday raring to go. Sadly, in the rain. Remember the Regularity regulations. After practice, you get to nominate ONE time that you will target. Will it stay wet, will it be dry? Or changeable? Tough. I drew the short straw and was first out to practice and 'chosen' to be our first car in the initial session of the day. Did I mention it was wet?

The first lap through the spray and being seeded near the front with the 'fast guys' was nerve wracking. I was really grateful for the racing harness as it stopped me from leaping out of the car! Try this video...

It stayed wet, damp and overcast for the first three hours or so, then started to dry out. My last session was relatively dry and it was enjoyable to cruise around in those conditions after the pressure of the morning. Unfortunately, both Chris and Dennis had car issues late afternoon and weren't able to get their final stints done. Nothing major for Chris (split tyre valve stems in both front wheels, very strange) and Dennis had a radiator hose split. I am sure we will be good to go again next year!

The team format is very different from the normal solo driving events. With the rain we had, some of us commented that if it wasn't for the 'team', a decision may have been taken to park the cars and not participate given the weather and potential risk. At the end of the day, we all had a great time participating together, and a special thanks to our Team Manager Paul for trying to keep us all 'regular.