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PCV Sprint - Phillip Island again and a PB!

The club organised a couple of competition events at Phillip Island only a month apart this year. I was a bit under-prepared after 'rushing' back from our holiday in Queensland and finally made it down to the Island late Saturday. In the evening, Robin and I had a most enjoyable dinner at Harry's on the Esplanade in Cowes with another Porsche couple, John & Kym.

Race day dawned crisp but clear, and despite a dodgy forecast, the weather smiled on us all day. My car had a service between events, some minor maintenance and a fresh set of tyres. A quick check of tyre pressures on Sunday morning and I was good for the off!

I felt a bit 'flat' while waiting on the grid for Session 1 but I got the warmup lap out of the way and the car felt pretty good. After passing a couple of cars and seeing my times come down (courtesy of my on-board real-time data logger) I started to 'push' while also remembering to breathe! After another smooth lap, I glanced at the data as I crossed the Start / Finish line and saw 1.53.5 flash up. A personal best by nearly two seconds. OK!

The Lap!

Excitedly heading into Session 2, I had a real crack after my first lap was only 0.02 second slower than the PB. Like an inexperienced duffer, I then began to over drive the car, miss breaking marks, muff gear changes and generally screw up. On my return to the paddock, someone kindly suggested the track 'goes off' in the late morning and was a little slower. It didn't make me feel any better,

My car was still running a soft setup from the previous month's damp conditions and the car felt too loose on the high speed corners so the guys from NinePlus swapped it to full stiff, front & back. So out for Session Three. Those of you hoping for a happy ending will be disappointed. Although trying (probably too hard again) I just couldn't get the car around any quicker than early in the morning.

I am sorry to report a serious accident ended the day when one of our members had a big off exiting Turn One. The car looks terminal but the driver while shaken just has a fractured wrist, I believe. Best wishes to Cameron for a speedy and full recovery.

On a positive note, my GT3 buddy Chris also set a personal best in session one capping off a great day all round for the peninsula boys. For me, although disappointed after such a fantastic start, I would have taken a personal best at the start of the day. Now on to Haunted Hills.