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PCV Tour to Harcourt

The PCV 996/997 Register organised a fantastic run to the Harcourt Valley Winery.

Some 29 folks met at McDonalds in Flemington at 9.30AM before a brisk run up the highway to the cafe on top of Mt Macedon. Surrounded by fog and very cold, hot coffee and home made cakes and scones were most welcome.

On the northern side of Macedon the skies cleared and we followed the superb roads that were planned for our couple of hour drive to Harcourt.

On arrival at Harcourt, Lebanese finger snacks were consumed while mingling outside in front of a glorious open fire.

Lunch was a Lebanese BBQ and salads. including a regional specialty version of 'Boerewors'. We ate inside, enjoying the estate wines (bot red and whites were popular) and the volume of conversation in the 'vat room' indicated that a great time was had by all.

Cars & Wine - Harcourt Valley Winery - 2010

We decided to take the long way home until we had to hop on the freeway to complete the return journey. Another super PCV outing!