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GT3 Engine Rebuild

Following on from the previous post, I am saddened to report that the engine damage could hardly be a greater disaster. In the words of 'Bob, the engine builder at FRS', it is the worst engine damage he has seen in a 996 GT3. At least I am at the top of the table of something...

After much consideration I decided not to top myself but to rebuild the GT3 engine and give the work to the guys at Fitzgerald Racing Services. A few key reasons. I believe they do very good work, the new engine will be an absolute cracker and deliver me significantly improved performance and the 'investment' will ensure premium support from the FRS team at future PCV track days.

So as of now, poor 'Nemo' is in bits (ruins?) in an industrial alley in Box Hill for a couple of months. Be brave my friend. All will be better soon!

GT3 @ Fitzys

The planned rebuild is for a slight capacity increase to deliver improved power and torque. The 'base' rebuild costs silly money, and to deliver tangible improvements over and above 'almost' seems reasonable...

I am please to report that Robin has been a key part of this decision-making process. Perhaps as one who has a passion for 'expensive' hobbies she was sympathetic to the issue, recognised my performance improvements this year and we both recognise that I have, say a five year improvement horizon in the 'sport' and I can't afford (performance-wise) to wait too long. The window shall not be missed!

I am feeling really bullish about the future!

Update: I have 'taken the opportunity' to have the gearbox rebuilt and refreshed in addition to lowering the ratios of the 3rd / 4the / 5th / 6th gears to ensure the car is more often in the peak power / torque curve. After all, it is only money...