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GT3 Freshen Up

Well, I have been planning to upgrade the GT3 for some time and having now 'bitten the bullet' these changes are underway.

The car has just returned from the workshop at Jocaro Motors this week. Much work was done on the gearbox, clutch, wheel bearings and front brakes and naturally this has improved the overall mechanical condition significantly. A new Dorian timing device has been fitted along with a revised secondary bonnet catch. All of these mechanical updates come after some cosmetic detailing work on the exterior a month ago. Also I now have a standard Porsche steering wheel fitted which brightens up the interior and makes the car more user-friendly on the road.

At the end of this years track day season, subject to a reasonable quote, I would like to re-spray the nose which is pretty badly chipped and marked. Also at that time the OZ Racing track wheels and tyres will come off and my standard GT3 road wheels and tyres will be used for 'summer' touring.

Finally I will add some new personalised number plates which I recently sourced. A quick sneak peak of those below.

By year end, 'Nemo' should look fantastic and be performing superbly!