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PCV Winton Sprint - Queens Birthday Weekend

The day dawned wet and cold as we queued for scrutineering. The drivers briefing informed us that the track was officially 'dry'. The Competition Director clearly has different eyes to the drivers as we looked out at a wet / damp two kilometre stretch of asphalt!

The first session was slippery, but the second was on a drying surface and most drivers (including me) recorded their best time of the day.

GT3 @ Winton June 2009 (Photo by NIKO)

When we broke for lunch, some smartie with a laptop and access to weather radar gleefully shared that in about half an hour the heavens would open. And he was right. It bucketed down just before the first group of cars were due out after lunch. Some were scared off, others bravely went out and could be seen creating bow waves on a couple of the corners where water was rapidly pooling up. The rain did stop before I went out but I did tippy-toe around for a while. While my GT3 doesn't have traction control, it does have ABS which helped a lot in pulling the car down from speed in the conditions. A benefit the older 911 drivers didn't have.

While my outright speed wasn't anything special due to the conditions, a couple of car changes appeared to help my performance. The first was some additional air in the tyres given the cold and damp conditions, 36 'hot' all round, compared to my usual 32 psi. This seemed to generate a lot more rear wheel grip especially. The second change was running the fuel tank 'light' and topping up from a spare fuel can between sessions. I think the reduced weight helped, but the car seemed to understeer a bit on the slower corners, maybe reacting to a bit less weight over the front axle. Interesting.

Robin & the Boxster @ Winton June 2009 (Photo by NIKO)

The Boxster went around with Robin at the wheel. After a few sighting laps with an experienced club driver driving, she had a couple of sessions in the morning and got around safely and enjoyed the experience. A pretty good effort given the conditions and the fact that it was her first club track driving event. I was able to get another two sessions during the late afternoon in drying, but still damp conditions, especially if you strayed off the racing line. That made five sessions for the day, some 20 'timed' laps with another 10 warm up / cool down laps. The GT3 as always performed flawlessly. Thanks to the marshals and officials for keeping the meeting running in difficult conditions . I am looking forward to Phillip Island in June.