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PCV GT3/RS/RSR Register : Lunch Run to Avenel

A small but spirited group met in bright sunshine in a Nunawading for the GT3/RS/RSR Register Run to Avenel. Unfortunately, the cold and wet Melbourne winter caused a couple of late cancellations.


The route took us through acreage properties in Park Orchards to Warrandyte then towards Kangaroo Ground until we turned off onto the delightfully named Pigeon Bank Lane which took us towards Christmas Hills and onto Yarra Glen. Then off towards Kinglake West for our morning tea stop. Then trouble struck. One of our group copped a nail through the wall of the driver's side rear tyre. With no spare on a 997-2 GT3 (as standard) it was a call to Roadside Assist for the long haul back to town. Robin and I waited while arrangements were confirmed, kept the group informed, and left when help was assuredly on it's way. Communication of the problem left the group a bit 'flat' as well.

Linley's GT3 - Photo by Robin Humphries 2012

When I got to the Flying Tarts Bakery in Kinglake West the mood seemed to have improved significantly with everyone tucking into egg & bacon rolls, and full breakfasts of all shapes and sizes! I tried to remind people that a great lunch was only 75 minutes away but they nodded, smiled and kept on eating!

Departing Kinglake the road to Yea was clear moving through low hills, then onto Seymour the road was a little more winding before the last flat leg to Mangalore and onto Fowles Winery at Avenel. Overall the roads were relatively empty and we made comfortable progress towards lunch.

James, Tracey, Linley and Helen - 2012

Fowles Winery and Restaurant is an extremely popular venue for both it's food and wine. Booking a month in advance we were 'lucky' to get a slot. Even on arrival, it was easy to understand why. We were greeted warmly, shown to our table and promptly given water and menus and before too long we were enjoying a range of mains and the wonderfully named 'Women Who Shoot Their Lunch' red (shiraz) and white (riesling) wines. Conversation flowed, time predictably flew by and before too long it was time to start the drive back home.

Too much wine at lunch - Photo by Julie Mason 2012

A safe trip home for all concluded a great day. To be fair after I drove superbly TO the winery, Robin was duty bound to 'do the right thing' and drive home. With her cushion strategically placed in the base of the race seat (!) she did a wonderful job!