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I have been a bit out of sorts recently so the cars haven't had much if any driving. That leads to flat batteries...

So another Ctek charger was acquired which then highlighted another issue on the 993 Turbo of a dead battery which no amount of charging would recover.

So a new battery was ordered and my friendly Porsche service folk at NinePlus mentioned would I like a Quick Release Terminal otherwise known as a battery isolation switch? This effectively kills any power leaving the battery, doesn't let it discharge and go dead. I said 'yes please' and Dean duly arrived with the new battery, switch and new earth lead and quickly fitted the lot in twenty minutes.

Battery ShutOff Switch

The switch is very simple to use, just like a BBQ gas bottle tap control. And for $45 for the switch and lead it is money very well spent.

The Turbo is now ready for the 993 Register run to Noojee in a couple of weeks. Still thinking about new tyres though….