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Down at the car wash

A good friend of mine from the Porsche Club operates a car wash in the Melbourne suburb of Moorabbin.

I had some errands to run near there so I thought I would shoot Tony a text to see if he was 'at work' and maybe catch up for a coffee. Also the GT3 was filthy after Presidents Day on Sunday and some subsequent rain so I could mix a little 'work' with 'pleasure'. So much I knew….

On arrival, after chastising me about the state of my car, Tony ushered me to an empty bay and lectured me on how I was going to set about rectifying and removing the dirt. Starting with some manual work scrubbing the wheels. What??? I got through that, used the specifically dictated wash cycles and now set about the normal process of chamois drying the car. Silly me, I thought I was finished. Tony ran his eagle eye over the vehicle, sighed, disappeared and finally re-appeared with a micro-fibre cloth and a bottle of 'Oomph' (catchy name) which he said would get rid of 'all of those ugly marks' still on the car after I had carefully washed it. Sheesh.

I am not sure if I am sweating from embarrassment or exertion, but this was no walk in the park car cleaning effort.

The final result is shown below. And I still used a little Photoshop to clean it up even more!


Next time I visit Tony I am going to arrive with a REALLY clean car!