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The Track Hack acquires A Tyre Dog!

This month's 'investment' is a wireless tyre pressure / temperature monitor, a Tyre Dog TD-1000A-X.

Although posted in 'The Porsche File' and intended primarily for use with the GT3 to measure track day race tyre temperatures, the sensors can be easily transferred for use on any car or 4WD. Initial installation and configuration was really easy for a non-technical person like me, and the sensor and receiver batteries are standard over-the-counter types which should make ongoing serviceability quite easy. Good!

The battery powered sensors screw on the to the valve stem (in place of the valve cap) and transmit back to a hand held visual display unit which shows tyre pressure and / or temperature by wheel. It is configurable to alarm if either temperature or pressure move outside pre-set upper or lower limits and to define imperial or metric measurements. For in car installation for road car touring purposes, the Tyre Dog comes with a range of dash / windscreen mounts.

Detailed specifications can be found on the TyreDog website.

A fellow GT3 owner has one and used it most successfully on a recent road and track trip to South Australia. My first practical test will be Presidents Day at Sandown on Sunday. A useful tool to obtain a more consistent track performance is the objective.