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John Bowe Driver Training Day - Phillip Island

On Monday June 28, I attended a John Bowe High Performance Driver Training Day at the fast and exciting Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit.

These days follow a standard procedure of walking / driving the track, especially the corners t determine braking points, entry cones, apexes etc. Then some slow-ish familiarisation laps on your own. Then the instructor jumps in with you, observes for a few laps then provides feedback when back in the pits. Subject to agreement, the instructor can then take you out in your car to demonstrate the feedback at a more practical level. Timing is conducted in the morning and in the afternoon to determine the students rate of improvement.

The day dawned cold (remember it is Phillip Island, once famously described as the Gateway to Hyerthermia!) but warmed up progressively and there was no rain for the day so apart from a strong wind, conditions were pretty good.

My areas for improvement on the day were deemed to be finding the correct lines through Southern Loop and Siberia, raising my vision to make the car 'flow' more around the circuit and being a bit more aggressively and hustling the car around rather than just be a passenger.

Overall, I improved about a second on the day, but there is a lot more left for me to go after if I can just get my act together.

Thanks to Dean from the John Bowe team for his invaluable advice and support on the day.