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A most unfortunate PCV Sprint event at Sandown

With the new tow car, I was very excited and looking forward to a competitive outing at Sandown Raceway. The weather was poor for the week leading up to race day, but the Saturday dawned cool and overcast but dry fortunately.

Awaiting the off - 2014

I was seeded in Group 1 and planned to sit back in the pack and hopefully watch and learn a few tips and lines from the quick guys (and gal). Almost turned out to be true.

The session commenced (after one false start) and I was behind a tricked-up 996 Turbo. Pushing on the out-lap I was keeping somewhat in touch when I felt some strangeness in the clutch / drivetrain which forced me to drop off the back of him. Another half a lap of trying, the clutch felt very weird and then went completely to the floor and stayed there. I managed to coast back to the garage where the Fitzgerald's mechanic manually pumped the pedal by hand and at least got the pressure and the pedal back to 'normal' height. I was ready for the next session.

As I started the car to head out into pit lane, the car developed a longer start-up 'rattle' than is normal. It disappeared when I pressed the clutch in but returned with the clutch out. I felt uncomfortable. It had already been a slow day with a couple of incidents requiring fence repairs and recovery vehicles and I didn't want to have a failure or incident on track and delay the event further so I parked the car for the day, pending future repairs.

Luckily we had the car on the trailer and were able to deposit the GT3 at Fitzgerald's workshop on Saturday night after the event for inspection and repairs

I received the dreaded phone call on Tuesday. The good news was the clutch is fine, but the bad news was the engine is damaged. Flywheel / crankshaft issues necessitating a tear down and rebuild, the size and scale of which is still TBD. What I do know is that it won't be cheap and the car will be out of action for a couple of months.

Watch this space for more details as they come to hand.