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South East Coast Drive

Took a drive down Gippsland way to Inverloch recently. I hadn't been there in recent memory and it is a really picturesque area, with rolling green hills, sandy beaches with some very wild coastline thrown in. A pleasant lunch of grilled local flathead tails at the Inlet Hotel preceded the drive back.

(Looking at Eagles Nest, and back towards Inverloch - 2006)

Spotted my first windfarm outside Wonthaggi and I must say they are not such a blight on the landscape as some have indicated. I saw no birds harmed, but I didn't want to get too close! But I can understand why they are located there. Boy it was pretty breezy along the coast.

('Bomber' out and about at the Gippsland Coast - 2006)

The Boxster S enjoyed the run, top down most of the way and accelerating briskly to pass a few laggards in the open stretches. Met a fellow Porsche Club member (1997 Boxster) just standing at the Eagles Nest lookout. He is an Inverloch resident and I look forward to catching up with him (and finding out his name!) at future club events.