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PCV 996 / 997 Register run to Marysville

The 996/997 Register of the Porsche Club of Victoria planned a 95 km drive to Marysville on Sunday April 6, so on Saturday we washed and polished the Carrera 4 S for the big day.

Some 15 cars were at the meeting point in Nunawading at 9.30 am on Sunday (including some 'stray' 993s & Boxsters), detailed maps were subsequently handed out for the drive to Warburton, then up the Reefton road prior to a final sprint to the Lake Mountain village before making our way back to Marysville for lunch.

The initial part of the drive to the base of the Reefton climb was pretty average. Varying (low) speed limits and not much of interest to look at. Even the Warburton township didn't hold much interest. But once on the Reefton climb, things got much more 'interesting'. What a fantastic piece of road. Not sure of the exact length but smooth, winding and interesting from the drivers or passengers seat! The recent storms laid plenty of debris over the road which moderated progress a bit (luckily) but didn't lessen the enjoyment. The run up to Lake Mountain was taken at a subdued pace due to a very large amount of debris and the sign-posted speed limits. But a pleasant short sprint just the same. And I have to say my car went superbly. I hadn't given it a good squirt for quite some time, and the sharp corners, short straights, sticky Conti Sport IIs, and slightly moist surface was just ideal territory for the 4S to operate in.

(Cars & drivers at the Reefton turnoff - 2008)

Lunch was organised at the Marysville Patisserie. Gorgeous home-made meals sourced from local produce. The coffee was hot, the sauv blanc was chilled. And did I mention the outstanding desserts and specialty fudges? With great service, what more could you ask! But wait there is more!!

(Our Porsche 911 Carrera 4 S @ Marylands Country House - 2008)

Robin and I took a room at the Marylands Country House for the evening. Yesteryear style, grace and pace. Very relaxing. Highly recommended. After lunch, a walk up & down the main street (that didn't take too long), a visit to Steavensons Falls (excellent), dinner at the pub then a cleansing cocktail at the country house bar before retiring. Superb. Monday was a gentle drive back to Melbourne with lunch at Healesville completing a great weekend.