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Some Further Track Time

The GT3 recently had a routine service to make sure all was ship shape for the upcoming track events. Pleased to say just a tweak and no major maintenance (read expensive work) was required. Even the tyres and brake pads were OK. A clear sign that I am not trying hard enough!

Two events recently were at Winton Raceway in northern Victoria on June 9 and Attwood, just north of the city on May 4.

The Attwood event is held on a ‘circuit’ owned and operated by Victoria Police who normally use the facility for their advanced driver training needs. It is basically a one lane piece of tarmac that loops up and down for a maximum of a kilometre with a speed bowl in one section. The club usually cuts the course in half and has a top loop and a bottom loop with different cones, chicanes. You get multiple runs over each loop for the day. Quite challenging and great (low speed) fun. In fact one driver in a new GT3 ran the entire track in first gear! I ran both courses only using 1st & 2nd gears. On the first run, I ‘missed’ the cones after the first left hander and was hit with the appropriate penalties which ‘killed’ my day from a points point of view, but over the rest of the event my times were almost competitive!. Makes for a nice change.

Then on to Winton. The less said about this outing the better. I was so embarrassingly slow I wanted to sell the car. Well it couldn’t be me, could it? Of course I know it is me, but I just can’t seemed to get UBC-222 around the very tight layout in anything like a competitive time. Oh well, more lessons and practice I guess.

The next meeting is Phillip Island (yeah!) on July 6. Fingers crossed for a dry day.