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The GT3 is back!

It has been a long time since is have reported on ANY exploits with the GT3, track or social. My personal issues aside, the car has needed some attention that I have not committed to as I should have for many months (years)? Rest assured friends that the bullet has been well and truly been bitten!

First was a late Q1/2018 mechanical refresh by NineAuto in Highett, VIC. Replacement discs, new driveshafts, refurbished starter motor / alternator, new tyres (Michelin Pilot Sports), service and safety check and maybe more, Phew! While it was off-site, I finally committed to a cosmetic refresh with a full body refurbishment and respray in the original Arctic Silver by SkunkWerks in Colac, VIC. The overall finished product is STUNNING. Still loud and brutal, the car feels like a complete weapon. There is no one finger or one handed driving of this vehicle.

Buckle up!