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GT3 visitation rights at FRS

I visited the GT3 at Fitzgerald Racing Services today to get a first hand update of the progress (and issues) associated with the engine and gearbox rebuild of 'Nemo'.

The car is now in one 'piece', and is pulling excellent numbers on the dyno, but it managed to 'lunch' the old exhaust system, so much so that it burnt, well severely singed and deformed the rear bumper... Plenty of options exist to resolve this issue of course, and unsurprisingly none of them are cheap!

I have an old Starr Performance exhaust system here, which is fabulous, but loud, and we have decided to instal that on the GT3, and to fabricate a pair of external silencers for 75db track days or to be ultra noise sensitive for the road.

IMG_4115 (1)
'Nemo' exposed... - 2014

The advantages of this approach will be that it is a 'throughput' benefit allowing the engine to breathe / exhale better than the standard system and that it is reasonably cost effective using existing parts and simple add-on components.

In addition to the 'core' repairs / upgrades, I will be adding a new Schroth 4-point drivers harness, additional roll cage protective foam, re-fitting of the standard GT3 steering wheel (while the MOMO Porsche Cup wheel gets 're-skinned)' and instal an upgrade to my VBOX Race Logic data capture and analysis in-car software.

We are now just a week or so away from the car being back in my hands. I have entered for a track day at the Philip Island Grand Prix circuit with the Maserati Club on Friday, October 31.

Happy days ahead!